Shorebird Disturbance Reduction Toolkit

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Several materials have been developed to help practitioners and managers address human disturbance issues related to beach walking and dogs. Explore the resources that are available to you below. 

Graphics and Signage

The materials here are available for downloading, sharing, and most may be modified for your own use.

Outreach Inspiration

Discover ideas for events, signage, activities, and more that were developed by shorebird professionals who implemented their own CBSM campaigns.

Reports, Documents, and Scholarly Articles

Access all of the social and biological findings from this collaborative work in one convenient location.

Data Collection

Access the biological data collection standard operating procedures, download data collection sheets, and access templates for evaluating and monitoring behavior change strategies.

AFSI Resources

Several projects and documents have been developed to help managers and conservation professionals address human disturbance issues. Access videos, training materials, downloadable signs, and more.